Customize Your Weight Room or Gym


High performance graphics provide you with the highest quality logos and athletic/fitness graphics that adhere to rubber, wood, and vinyl in the most challenging of environments. We are a provider that is trusted by the industry’s top brands in strength and fitness equipment manufacturing, sports performance flooring, and providers of both athletic performance training and fitness.

Whether you are replacing tired and worn logos or adding something new, our solutions will provide long-lasting service to display your brand proudly, or deliver guided exercise and spacial delineation to your rubber flooring, vinyl, or wood sports flooring. Installation is simple, so if you are a DIYer or not, your installation will be easy.

Add your logo to your weightlifting platforms and flooring


Customize your weight room or gym by adding custom logos for platforms & flooring to your new or existing rubber or wood weightlifting platforms. It is simple with Team Logo Guys. Our patented system allows you to add logos to your rubber platforms or flooring. Our custom logos adhere extremely well to rubber flooring and platforms, as well as wood, vinyl, LVT tiles, and concrete.

New or replacement logos for your weight room platforms and rubber flooring. Custom logos and mascots at budget-friendly prices for rubber or wood platforms and rubber weight room flooring.

Our custom logos for platforms and flooring are simple to install.


Add Custom Logos to your Olympic Plates, Bumper Plates, and Dumbbells. It’s never been easier to add your custom logo or mascot to your plates and dumbbells. 

Our durable patented graphics system is used to produce custom equipment branding, making your weight room or home gym more custom and allowing you to share your brand or mascot with the world.

Our plate and dumbbell logo kits come in small minimum quantities so everyone can afford to have that custom look. These custom logos for plates and dumbbells are extremely easier to apply. The order process is simple, just click on the BUY button and follow our ordering process. 


Damaged logos on your wood weightlifting platform? Team Logo Guys has the solution to damaged or tired looking logos on your wood center weightlifting platform. It’s literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. No need to sand and break down old platforms. Apply our custom, engineered logo system to your existing wood platform. No need to apply urethane on top of the logo as traditional platforms and logos require. Our logo will go right on top of the existing logo and your platforms will look new again.

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