Wood Weightlifting Platforms

Weightlifting Platform Logos

Do you have wood weightlifting platform logos that are damaged and look like they need replacement?  Has the finish on the logos worn away and become damaged and simply unacceptable? 

The Problem is that to replace these logos and renew your existing wood weightlifting platforms and their logos, it used to be a week to ten-day process. You would need to remove the platforms from your weight room, sand down the finish on your wood insert, apply a new vinyl logo, and then begin to apply 7 to 9 coats of urethane. Each coat requires additional labor to sand or treat the surface to make sure you didn’t have debris or foreign particles in your finish. Again, this will last about the same amount of time your original logo did, probably 6 to 12 months at best. Meanwhile, you’ve lost the use of your weight room rack area for a week to 10 days, and not to mention a great deal of labor and effort.

The Solution is to use our patented engineered graphics system that will adhere to your existing wood and urethane weightlifting platforms, without all of the effort and hard work. Simply clean the area where your existing logo is with alcohol, let dry, peel, and stick the Team Logo Guys wood platform logo directly over top of your existing logo. No need to urethane over the logo, our logos are protected and will outlast any original logo.