How Can I Add Logos or Mascots To My Rubber Flooring & Platforms

How To Add Logos & Mascots

Adding logos or mascots to your rubber flooring and platforms is simple now.

  • Decide what size of logo is best for your platforms or flooring.
  • Find the best file of your logo, the best file type is a vector file, typically in a .ai, .eps, and in some cases a .PDF.
  • How many logos do you need? How many platforms and other floor logo locations do you have?
  • Your logos may need to have a contrasting outline added to show the logo best on your black floor.

Logo Quote Builder

This tool allows both you and our staff to understand what type or kind of logo is being requested. Following the process closely will help reduce confusion and help to speed the quoting process so we can service you at the highest level.

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