How do I care for my new custom weightlifting platform or floor logos?

Your logos are protected with a strong anti-skid laminate to increase their life. They may on occasion become soiled, if they require cleaning, then use a damp cloth with a NEUTRAL cleaning solution to clean the surface. Harsh or powerful cleaning chemicals, commercial power floor brushes, scrubbers, or pressure wash/spray guns should never be used on the logo(s) or around them. Other than neutral cleaning solutions can dry out the logos and lead to cracking and hazing. The logo(s) should NEVER be saturated or allow water to “stand” on or around the logo application area as this can compromise the adhesion and also the laminate component of the logo.

DO NOT bend or flex your logos after installation. If you have applied your Team Logo Guys engineered logos to all-rubber platforms, do not attempt to relocate them or roll/bend the rubber tiles. Bending or rolling the substrate will result in adhesion failure of the logo and rubber contact surface.

If you must relocate your all rubber platforms with Team Logo Guys logos installed, please consult a customer service representative with Team Logo Guys or review our care instructions for proper care to avoid damage or adhesion failure of the logos.

DO NOT drag equipment over your logos or graphics, it may cause damage. If moving equipment over your engineered logos and/or floor graphics, use equipment with wheels designed to be relocated with minimum contact with the floor. 
NOTE: some older benches and adjustable benches do not have rubber guards on the “feet”, which can result in tearing or damage to the logos and/or floor graphics. This would be considered a misuse of the graphics and not be covered under any limited warranty claims.