Basketball Court Logo

New center court logo for Monster Headquarters

Center Court Logos Made Simple

Quality, eye-catching gym floor logos and lettering are what make the difference between an average court and an impressive court. Impressive courts give your athletes and coaches pride. 

Our patented graphic system allows us to product color match logos that take a fraction of the time to install and less than half the cost of traditional hand-painted logos. 

  • Fast installation
  • Color match logos and mascots
  • Less cost to produce
  • Less cost to install
  • Less downtime for your courts
  • No paint odor, no mess
  • Apply directly over floor finish

Our engineered logos are applied directly to your finished court. Regardless if you are installing a logo onto a new or older wood court with a urethane finish, or a rolled vinyl court, you would apply our logos directly on top of the existing surface.

Permanent. We do produce short term use logos for special events, but our normal court logos are designed for permanent use.

Our logo solutions are a far better choice for many reasons. Matching logo and mascot colors can be a challenge, but with our system we have the luxury of a strong color-match system. Time, it takes an average of 3 to 4 hours of installation time with our system, and traditional paint systems can take from a week to ten days. Cost is a big reason, as our logo systems can cost less than 50% of what traditional center court logos would cost. There are so many more smart reasons to choose a center court logo from Team Logo Guys.

No. Our engineered graphic system is not slippery, even when it becomes wet. We have a special cover that is bonded to the graphic base that has a qualifying ASTM anti skid surface that will provide a safe and reliable surface for your athletes to play on.